100% Pure Castor Oil EyeLash Grow


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Castor Oil is 100% NATURAL PRODUCT, popular all over the world. It is widely used to improve the state of hair, eyelashes, brows, beard and general skin condition. By using this natural product, it can help to get longer lashes and thicker eyebrows.

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100% Pure Castor Oil

CASTOR OIL FOR EYELASHES: Catch Everyone’s Attention With Beautifully Long And Thick Eyelashes. The Mascara Wand That Comes With This Castor Oil Will Make It Easy To Apply The Oil On Your Lashes and Brows. Wake Up To Mesmerizing Long Eyelashes.

Castor oil is an effective remedy for thin eyebrows because of its rich content of fatty acids, nutrients, and minerals.
This is the one healthy, natural, herbal based addition you need for better health and amazing longer lashes.

For optimum results, use for 1-2 months as directed. Start with a small amount.  Apply the oil to the base of the eyelash roots a couple of hours before going to bed.  This will foster growth and allow full absorption of the hair.  Upon waking up, gently remove the oil using makeup remover or water.

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