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USB Small Globe Full (Light) Wooden Aroma Air Humidifier Diffuser 7 Color Led Light (100ml) with Free Lavender EO 5ml + Sweet Orange EO 5ml


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This diffuser is ideal for holistic treatments as it is safe to use with water soluble essential/ fragrance oils. Can be used as humidifier to remove unfavorable odor and smell to refresh surrounding air quality, increase humidity of air, reduce bacteria and at the same time the therapeutic effects can even moisturize skin. Aromatherapy from essential oil improves mood and mental health, therefore giving you a healthy lifestyle. Contemporary, spherical and wood grain design creates a romantic atmosphere.  The beautiful light emission from the diffuser can also be used as night light in the darkness.



💦 Capacity: 100ML

💦 Working Time: 5 Hours

💦 Safe to use with Essential Oils

💦 LED Lighting: Blue Red Green White Yellow Purple Warm Yellow

💦 Outlook: Grain Wood

💦 Size: Diameter 11cm * Height 15cm

💦 Packaging: 11cm * 11cm * 11.5cm

💦 Warranty: 1 Month (The warranty does not cover damage caused by human factors, accident, misuse of the product.)


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