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Beetroot Powder – For Cosmetic Use


Beetroot is well-known for its health benefits and this richly-pigmented vegetable is a great way to purify your blood and boost your energy. It is a powerhouse of some renowned minerals such as folate, Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, antioxidants, Vitamin B6, manganese, iron and phosphorus. Beetroot powder works wonders on oily skin and it is such a perfect natural ingredient often used as a face mask as it dries up acne without leaving a scar.

The powder is also excellent for detoxing your skin and helps stimulate blood flow levels. It can also reduce signs of wrinkles and pigmentation, get rid of free radicals and replenish dead skin. Betanin found in beetroot which gives the vegetable its gorgeous red color has been shown to protect cellular components from oxidative injury. For the skin, that means it can delay those signs of aging and keep your skin healthy and looking great!

Our Beetroot Powder has also been used in making natural skincare and hair care products such as face/body scrubs, facial steams, facial/hair masks, handmade soaps, scrubs, creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc.

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Beetroot Powder For Cosmetic Use


  • Fights Acne – soothes itching and inflammation around the pimples as it is antiseptic and antimicrobial. It dries out acne without leaving acne scars and removes excess oil that got trapped in the pores.
  • Anti Aging – packed with antioxidants, which helps to remove signs of aging. Lycopene and squalene present in beetroot increase the skin’s elasticity and prevent sagging skin.
  • Treats hyper-pigmentation – high sources of Vitamin C are good to decrease melanin formation, hence pigmentation is reduced.
  • Removes dark eye circles/puffy eyes – its amazing source of antioxidants, which have skin revitalizing effect increases blood circulation and keeps  skin fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Lightens dark lips and keeps lips moist and pinkish – Betanin in beetroot acts as a natural pinkish/reddish gloss for your lips giving it a rosy color to your pretty pout.


  • Prevents hair loss – rich in iron, potassium, and electrolytes that can help to repair lifeless hair and reduces the chances of breakage and damage.
  • Treats dandruff – silica and enzymatic properties reduce flaking and eliminate dandruff-causing bacteria together with moisturizing the scalp and keeping fungi away, leaving hair soft and shiny.


All types of skincare and hair care products including sunscreen, lotions, creams, face and lip serums, moisturizers, facial and hair mask, handmade soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and hair treatment products.


  • Recommended Usage Level: Use in concentration between 1% to 50%
  • Appearance : Dark red in color
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Solubility : Soluble in Water,
  • INCI :  Beta vulgaris l. root powder
  • Composition: 100% pure Beetroot powder
  • CAS  : 89957-90-4
  • Storage : To protect from light and humidity in a clean place at  room temperature. Once open, handle with care to avoid secondary microbial contamination


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