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Botanical Liquid Soap 250ml – The Natural Body and Hand Soap For Sensitive Skin


All-purpose moisturizing and cleansing soap which is wonderful for everyday use as body wash, hand wash and acne care. Botanical Liquid Soap a natural wonder that lifts away tired skin cells to leave your skin smooth, hydrated and exceptionally healthy.

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Botanical Liquid Soap – The Natural Body and Hand Soap

What is Botanical Liquid Soap?
Botanical Liquid Soap is an oil based soap, made from virgin coconut oil and castor oil. It uses cold process method which needs curing time of at least few weeks to go through the saponification process. Only through this process the Oil Base Liquid Soap can be performed and all the nutrients of the oil in soap will be retained.

Gentle And Moisturize On Skin
Virgin Coconut Oil is a nourishing and moisturizing oil, therefore with this Botanical Liquid Soap you can expect the same. It can let you have a smooth skin and tone up your skin too!

Clean Body Effectively
Botanical Liquid Soap removes all dirt and debris from your body, as well as harmful organisms such as viruses or bacteria that we may pick up from anywhere.

Excellent Body Cleanser for Eczema Sufferers
When you suffer from eczema, you may still want to wash your hands, face and body, yet your skin may be extra-itchy and sensitive. Castile soap is your best choice for helping to clean and calm your skin. This is because it is made from olive oil, which also has a proven benefit for softening and calming problematic skin.

Safe for Sensitive Skin
Botanical Liquid Soap is non-toxic, no sulfates, paraben free, gluten-free with all natural ingredients.
Therefore, it is safe to use for all skin.

Hand Soap for Soft Clean Hands
With the antibacterial properties, it can help to kill bacteria. With virgin coconut oil and castor oil, it will keep your skin moisturized without drying out your skin.



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