Cocamide DEA (Coconut Diethanol Amide; CDEA; 6501)


Cocamide DEA is a common ingredient made with the mixture of fatty acids from coconut oils and diethanolamine.  Diethanolamine or ‘DEA’ are organic compounds that perform as emulsifiers to produce foam and bubbles in cosmetics.   It acts as a surfactant, foam booster, thickener and is generally used in rinse-off products like shampoos, body wash, bath oil, hand soaps, washing liquids, cleaning agents, etc.  Cocamide DEA has the ability to increase the foaming capacity and stabilize the surfactant foam and can also increase the viscosity of an aqueous (water based) solution. When used as an emulsifier, it supports the formation of emulsions and improves their stability and shelf life.

Our Cocamide DEA is widely used in shampoos, body washes, facial washes, liquid soaps, makeup removers, shower gels, skin care products, cleaning products, etc.




As Cocamide DEA is both water soluble and oil soluble, it enables both liquids to be evenly dispersed in a solution. While traditional soaps have drying effect especially on skin, this ingredient effectively cleans, conditions and reduce irritation with its natural fatty acids derived from coconut oil.


  • Foam and lather booster
  • Stabilize foaming capacity
  • Use as thickener to ensure ingredients are well blended
  • Water and oil soluble
  • Non-irritating to skin
  • Safe to use in most body cleansing products
  • Biodegradable


  • Usage: 1-10%
  • Appearance: Yellowish to amber viscous liquid
  • Solubility: Soluble in water
  • INCI: Cocamide Diethanolamine
  • CAS: 68603-42-9
  • Shelf Life : 3 years


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