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Cocoa Butter Deodorized


Cocoa Butter is also known as Theobroma, natural vegetable fat extracted from Cocoa Tree bean. Its potent therapeutic properties making it widely used in skincare products and cosmetics. The protection, healing and moisturizing properties of the Cocoa Butter are making this as one of the best choices for healing dry/cracked skin and chapped lips, thus replacing the commercial ointments and creams as it can naturally hydrate the skin while locking  moisture to the skin and is suitable for all skin types including the extra sensitive types (such as eczema).

Cocoa Butter also helps to diminish signs of aging, lighten age spots, stretch marks, even out skin tone and reduce scars. Additionally, it can also be used to condition hair and soften lips. Our deodorized Cocoa Butter has also been used in making natural skincare products such as handmade soaps, scrubs, creams, lotion, etc.


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Cocoa Butter Deodorized For Skincare


  • Protects and heals dry and cracked skin
  • Moisturizes skin and locking moisture in skin
  • Diminishes signs of aging and lighten age spots
  • Lightens stretch marks and scars
  • Helps to create even skin tone
  • Softens/hydrates lips


  • Moisturizes hair to make it more manageable
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Keeps hair shining and smooth
  • Adds volume and strength to fine hair
  • Replenishes oils loss due to chemical processes
  • Repairs damaged hair strands


  • Properties: Skin softener, emollient and conditioner. Used as film forming agent, non-gelling thickener and moisturizer in various applications. Emulsion stabilizer.
  • Use: Warm to melt before use, add to fatty phase of formula.
  • Suggested usage: creams 3-6%, balms 6-60%. For external use only
  • Appearance: Characteristic pale yellow to light brownish color
  • Solubility: Disperse in water
  • INCI: Theobroma Cacoa
  • Composition: 100% pure cocoa butter
  • CAS: 8002-31-2


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