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A lotion is usually in the form of a low-viscosity, oil and water emulsion that’s applied to the skin as a topical for a variety of benefits including healing dry skin and as a preventive measure and treatment for blemishes. Lotions have minerals and vitamins designed to smoothen and soften the skin, provide UV protection (sunscreen), and even promote tanning.

The best part of our lotion are of course made with all-natural ingredients. They are also packed with minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamin E, which nourish your skin. Our lotions contain other beneficial ingredients from natural sources, like Argan, Avocado, and also Melissa which penetrate the skin to hydrate and rejuvenate, restoring damaged skin cells.

Type of Lotion:

Natural Argan Moisture Lotion: Great for soothing and improving the Quality of skin by balancing its natural oil production. With the scent of nature lavender and rose geranium, It Can promote greater feeling of relaxation.

Avocado: It can rejuvenate, nourished your skin by looking radiant and stunning. This lotion can give instant hydration to your skin.

Melissa Intense Moisturizing Lotion: Designed for serious hydration while balanced with antioxidants of vitamin E and virgin coconut oil. It offers intense hydration and soothing benefits even for sensitive skin types. Allow non-greasy and fast absorption to skin.

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