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We are all the front liners to fight Covid 19❗ Our children have to go to school and we must go to work. We need to leave our house to get our groceries. What we can do is to follow the SOPs and please do not forget to use hand sanitizer regularly 😱

Want to buy the finished product but it seems too small and pricey🤭❗❓ How about doing it ourselves❓ We trust the quality and its effectiveness since we know the actual natural ingredients we are putting inside and can even make more bottles for stock. It is much cheaper too! 🥰

This recipe is specially formulated with glycerin to add benefits into the hand sanitizer. Glycerin will keep the alcohol from drying out your hands. With this set, you can make about 30 bottles of 50ml hand sanitizer.

This Package Consists of :
❤️Ethanol alcohol 1 Liter
❤️Clear Gel Base 500g
❤️Glycerin 100ml
❤️Empty Amber PET Plastic Flat Shoulder Bottle with Black Pump Cap 250ml
❤️Empty B03B PET Plastic Round Shoulder Clear Bottle with Pump Cap 50ML

How to make it❓
❤️Spray tool with alcohol (glass beaker)
❤️Pour 180ml ethanol alcohol into glass beaker
❤️Add in 75g clear gel base
❤️Stir well to combine
❤️Add in 5ml vegetable glycerin
❤️Stir well again to combine
❤️Spray alcohol to empty pump bottle.
❤️Transfer hand sanitizer to clean pump bottle.

In this set you can also add on Green Herbology Tea Tree essential oil to get an extra germ-fighting punch.

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