DIY SET: Lavender Sleep Balm for Kids & Adult


This simple homemade lavender sleep balm can be a wonderful addition to your bedtime routine. Try this DIY set NOW🤗

It promotes calmness, relieves stress, and encourages a good night’s sleep. Plus, it’s all natural and easy to make. And the star of the show is, of course, the lavender essential oil. Even if you’ve never owned a little brown bottle of essential oil, I’m guessing you know a thing or two about lavender. This amazing plant has long been hailed for its aromatherapy properties for calming and stress relief. And it promotes sleepiness!❗️

This Package Consists of :
❤️Virgin Coconut Oil 100ml
❤️Jojoba Oil 50ml
❤️Natural Beeswax 100g
❤️Vitamin E 10ml
❤️Lavender Essential Oil 10ml

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How to make this Lavender Sleep Balm❓🤗

❤️Combine 14ml coconut oil ,11ml jojoba oil, and 4g beeswax in a small heatproof bowl
❤️Place on top of a saucepan with an inch or two of water.
❤️Heat on the stove at medium-low.
❤️Stir until oils and wax are completely melted and combined.
❤️Remove from heat, add 4 drops essential oil
❤️Add 5 drops vitamin E oil, stirring together.
❤️Working quickly, pour mixture into clean container
❤️Allow to cool completely

For a faster set, set uncovered container in the refrigerator✅

How to use this Lavender Sleep Balm❓🤗

❤️Rub a little on your child feet when they put their jammies on. And maybe a little on their back or chest, too. Beside the aromatherapy benefits of the lavender, the simple act of a gentle foot massage helps us to have a sweet moment of physical contact at the end of the busy day✅

Testing Lavender Sleep Balm❓🤗

Although essential oils do not contain allergens, it’s important to take your time when introducing your child to essential oils. Starting with one essential oil at a time can help you more easily determine how your child will react to the oil. You can test your kid’s reaction by applying the balm to his or her skin (for example inner arm). If your kid develops an allergic reaction over the next couple of hours, it might mean he is sensitive to that essential oil✅


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