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Related imageChristmas is almost here, and if you haven’t gotten a jump on your holiday shopping, we’re here to help! Large and luxurious to small and mighty, we’ve got a whole range of Christmas gifts carefully curated to show how much you care!  Pamper your loved ones this Christmas from head to toe with our complete range of Bath & Body gifts with only RM60.

What you can get in this Full Bath & Body Gift Set:

Ginger Shampoo 50ml    💝💞

Ginger has antiseptic properties that help to reduce scalp infections, dandruff, dry and itchy scalp. It is loaded with all the essential vitamins, minerals and oils that help in promoting hair growth naturally. Being rich with all these, it makes hair more manageable, softer and shinier without leaving hair greasy.

Camellia Bath Oil 50ml      💝💞

This soap-free and pH-balanced formula shower oil gently cleanses the body, leaving skin soft, soothed, hydrated and never irritated. The plant-derived conditioning formula improves the feel of the skin during and after showering as it nourishes the skin and helps calm dryness and irritation.

Argan Lotion 50ml    💝💞

Our Argan whipped lotion leaves your skin feeling moisturized and nourished and it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, hydrated and completely wholesome, with no oily residue.   Your skin will be wrapped in moisture and gently scented with a warm and luxurious fragrance so make sure you use this every day.

Jasmine Essential Oil 10ml    💝💞

For balancing skin tone and treating age spots, this oil is effective. As it supports collagen production, it can also delay sagging skin and wrinkles formation.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil 10ml    💝💞

Rose Geranium essential oil helps to improve physical, mental and emotional health by promoting beautiful and radiant skin.

Pyramid Bath Bomb    💝💞

A Super fun bath experience. Made of baking soda, citric acid and cellulose, bath bombs would fizz out when put into water.

Aloe Vera Soap    💝💞

Aloe Vera Extract Soap is enriched with Aloe Vera extract that nourishes and moisturizes skin, its anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, and excellent for relieve itching, acne, pimples and soothing for sunburn, making it ideal to be your daily choice.


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