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Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil 5ml



Although there is not much difference between white and pink grapefruit essential oil, however there is more pink grapefruit produced because of its sweetness. It is cold pressed from the peels of pink grapefruits and possesses a fresh, clean, uplifting and pleasant aroma. Within holistic aromatherapy applications, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil has been used to uplift the spirits and enhance the nervous system from depression, headaches, nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions. Aromatically, this citrus oil is very versatile and blends well with other citrus essential oils and oils in the mint, floral and wood families.

Numerous benefits arise with the use of this oil in caring for the skin, helping with congested, oily and acne prone skin, clogged pores, tones skin and tissues and promoting hair growth. It offers astringent properties that help to balance oily skin and hair. It is a useful addition to facial toners.

Fruits that are high in Vitamin C, like Grapefruit have been thought and considered to boost the immune system against chills, colds and flu related ailments. Externally, Grapefruit oil in a blend alleviates muscle fatigue and stiffness. In applications on the body, it can aid in cellulite reduction, fluid retention, and use it as a disinfectant.

Our Pink Grapefruit essential oil has a fresh, light, citrusy, sweet, yet slightly bitter aroma, has also been used in aromatherapy, making perfumes and natural products such as handmade soaps, scrubs, candles, etc.



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