Love Essential Oil Combo Set (In the mood, Romance, Attraction)


Want a spicier love life NOW ❓❤️❤️

Play around with essential oils. Simply smelling essential oils can have a powerful impact on us physically and emotionally.   Aroma can arouse the senses, create a more pleasant environment, and increase desire❗️🥰

How this Essential Oil can benefits us❓

❤️Ylang-ylang – Uniquely calming, cooling, and euphoric at the same time.  Known for soothing anxieties and conflicts, Ylang-ylang has a euphoric effect on the nervous system.  This is a must-have EO to enhance attraction and enjoy a deeply sensual, erotic experience✅

❤️Patchouli – You either love or hate this oil.  The biggest gift here is focus.  Patchouli aids in a sharp mind and being fully present with a partner or self, as well as overcoming fatigue.  Thus, big libido boost! Helps men relax and arouse.✅

❤️Rose – The blooming floral fragrance of pure rose oil is thought to bring about feelings of love, care, and comfort. Not only does rose oil support women’s reproductive health, the calming aroma also creates an environment of relaxation that can help foster intimacy✅

Spice things up with one of these blend essential oils for love and romance❗️🤩

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How can we use this Essential Oil❓

Diffuse for 15-20 minutes only, to start. The air in a small room will quite quickly fill with aroma, and there’s no need to run the diffuser for 3 or 4 hours at a time🤩

🌿Diffuser Recipe:
✨3 drops Ylang-ylang Essential Oil
✨3 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
✨3 drops Rose Essential Oil
How: Add in into your diffuser that have fill with water

Topical application of essential oils bears the benefit of almost immediate absorption into your body systems. Usually, within 20 minutes, you can feel the effects of oils applies on the skin🤩

🌿Blend Oil Roll on Recipe:
✨3 drops Ylang-ylang Essential Oil
✨3 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
✨3 drops Rose Essential Oil
How: Add essential oil into roll on bottle. And fill up the rest space with coconut oil.
If you notice sensitivity, reduce the dilution.

Try now❗️

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