Mineral Oil, Paraffinum Liquidum


Mineral oil, a colourless oil refined from liquid petroleum, has been used in a wide array of applications especially cosmetics, medicines and preservatives, commercial, cleaning, and food products. Its amazing capability in sealing the moisture makes it a great aid to the treatment of dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, dry scalp, scalp infections, constipations, etc. Besides, it is an excellent makeup remover that works wonders on removing oil-based cosmetics, temporary tattoos, skin primer, hair wax and gum. In terms of haircare, it helps in hair conditioning, boosting volume, enhancing the curl formation, improves hair elasticity for easier brushing.



Key Features for Skin:

  • Nourishes dry skin by keeping the skin hydrated and supple regardless of the external harsh climatic conditions
  • Treats nappy rashes by alleviates redness and itchiness.
  • Thickens the outermost layer of our skin hence decreases fine lines.
  • Also used to remove oil-based makeup and temporary tattoos
  • Acts as a conditioner for eyelashes and brows

Key Features for Hair:

  • Treats dandruff and scalp psoriasis by loosen dry scales on the hair scalp and alleviates inflammation
  • Locks in the moisture of our hair by creating barriers over the cuticle scales
  • Enhances hair elasticity and reduces hair breakage for easier hair brushing and styling due to its antistatic properties
  • Delivers good hair conditioning
  • Restores the shine to our hair
  • Boosts hair volume

Product Details:

  • INCI: Mineral oil (Paraffinum Liquidum)
  • CAS: 8012-95-1
  • Origin: India
  • Raw material source: Petroleum
  • Use: Can be added to formula as-is. It can also be applied directly and massaged onto any areas of the body and hair or with other carrier oil. For external use only.
  • Recommend usage: 1% – 100%. For external use only.
  • Appearance: Transparent Clear Liquid
  • Applications: creams, lotions, lip balm, baby oil, hair oil & other cosmetics products
  • Shelf life: 24 months or longer when properly stored in a closed container at a cool and dry place.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Size Carrier Oil

100ML, 500ML, 1000ML, 5Liter


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