Natural skin care for mother's day
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Promotion Package


Don’t get me anything” is what our mother always tells us. But it’s Mother’s Day!! It’s our turn to pamper her and protect her with GreenHerbology Mother’s Day Package. Show your mother just how much she means to you this Mother’s Day.

1) Natural Lemon Dishwasher Detergent (200ml)

Mother is the boss in the kitchen. She would cook and wash all the dishes, this may hurt her skin. GH Natural Lemon Dishwasher Detergent is 100% natural without chlorine bleach, chemical and non-toxic!

Don let her skin to become worst.

2) Rose Geranium Lotion (100ml)

She is the one who does all the housework. She is the one who can turn 24 hours to 48 hours in one day. Who is she? Yes, our lovely mom. Apply lotion on her hands gently. The hands which raise you up and holding you when you are a child. It’s your turn now to hold her back.

3) Japanese Konjac Sponge

This facial puff provides integrity firmness & elasticity to the skin. The konjac sponge is made with 100% pure konjac plant root combining with collagen essential which increases for skin strength, smoothness, suppleness of the skin, and it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Leaving her with younger looking skin. This is what our mother need!

4) Bee Propolis Handmade Soap (100g)

Healthy Skin reflects total wellness, you need to protect it no matter what your age. Bee Propolis is derived from the hive of the bee having reputation from the antibacterial. The Bee Propolis Soap helps fighting acne, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothens the skin while nourishes and softens skin. Bee happy, bee nourishes for her skin.

5) Natural Anti-Bacterial & Dust Mite Spray (50ml)

My mom will always bring out my mattress for some sunshine. Reduce her tasks by spraying this on the mattress. You will still need the sunshine but frequency can be reduced. 😊

6) Natural Mosquitoes and Insects Repellent (50ml)

Who doesn’t worry about dengue? So does our dearest mom. With natural mosquito and insects repellent, you can spray it anywhere even on your body. It is chemical free, which safe to use for kids too! Have one now to avoid dengue.

To the world, she is a MOTHER, but to your family, she is the WORLD.

Give her your world this time by getting this promotion Mother’s Day package with only RM79.90 (original price RM109.70, you save RM30) which included of 6 natural products. Contact us or purchase through our website now!

Note: The price shown does not include shipping fee. Packaging might vary depends on the availability of boxes.


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