Body Moisturizer Spray - Natural

Natural Body Moisturizer Spray


Having dry skin due to the whole day spent in air-conditioning?
Constantly staying in air-conditioned room has caused your skin to lose moisture?
Carry this 65ml Natural Body Moisturizer Spray with you and your can moisturize your skin whenever and wherever you are.
. Perfect for after-bath, after sun or everyday body spray
. Sealing in rich moisture to keep your body soft and silky for hours
. Non-greasy moisturizing spray


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Product Description

Natural Body Moisturizer Spray

Ingredients: Rosemary Essential Oils, Lavender Essential Oils, Peppermint Essential Oils, Vegetable Glycerin
Key Features: Moisturize , Calming & Brighten Dull Skin

Weight (+ / -) 65gm

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