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Purchase this bundle of products and DIY at home for Natural Sun Protection Cream

Making recipe:
-Melt the ½ coconut oil, ¼ almond oil, 1-2 tsp beeswax, 2 tsp shea butter.
-Remove from heat and add 15 drops of carrot seed oil.
-Very carefully add in the 2 tsp zinc oxide, taking care not to breathe any in.
-Mix slowly and thoroughly until there are no more powdered clumps of zinc oxide.
-Pour into container and let it return to room temperature
-Use as you would any sunscreen of SPF 30-40

Coconut Oil: Natural SPF of about 2-8, antibacterial, natural moisturizer, full of antioxidants and nutrients your skin needs.

Sweet Almond Oil: Natural SPF of about 5, deep moisturizer, soothes irritation.

Beeswax: Makes sunscreen waterproof, protects skin against damaging elements, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Shea Butter: SPF of 3-8, moisturizer, good source of vitamins for skin.
Carrot Seed Oil: Natural SPF of about 30-40, anti-inflammatory

Zinc Oxide: UVA and UVB protection with SPF 20+

Note: The beeswax and shea butter make the sunscreen thicker- if you want a sunscreen that is easy to squeeze through a bottle you should use the lower amounts, but it may make the sunscreen less waterproof. If waterproof sunscreen is your priority, stick with the larger amounts.

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