Oval Savarin 6 Cavity Silicone Mold for Handmade Soap Bar

Oval Savarin 6 Silicone Mold for Handmade Soap Bar


The Oval Savarin Silicone Mold with 6 Cavity for Handmade Soap Bar for can be used for diy handemade soap, jewellery, cake, chocolate, candle, ornament, ice cube, jello and etc. It can resist temperature from -60℃ up to  240℃. The silicone enable you easily released the finish product from the silicone soap mold without using releasing agent such as oil or paper.

Note: The color of the soap mold will be sending in random.

Mold Size: 28cm x 17cm x 3.5cm,

Finished Soap Weight 100g/piece

Material: Silicone

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