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Sodium Hyaluronate 1% Solution (Low Molecular Form) For Skincare


When it comes to ingredients for keeping skin hydrated and moisturized, Sodium Hyaluronate frequently gets the top spot on the must-have lists.  The reason it is so popular in the beauty industry as studies have proven that Sodium Hyaluronate is good at bonding with water molecules together with its magical ability to retain moisture and keeping skin plump, smooth and youthful. Lack of moisture is one of the main culprits of aging skin, which is why this ingredient which attracts moisture to our skin, is essential when it comes to repairing our skin’s moisture barrier due to age and environmental factor.

Green Herbology Sodium Hyaluronate Low Molecular Form 1% is a viscous liquid solution and is often used in making natural skincare products such as serums, night creams, moisturizers, lotions, scrubs, handmade soaps, etc.

WORKS WELL WITH: Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E

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Sodium Hyaluronate 1% Solution 100ml


Sodium Hyaluronate products for topical applications and commercial purposes are made from the bio-fermentation of 100% natural and non-GMO plant resources. The raw material undergoes a fermentation process where the natural hyaluronic acid is extracted.  A 1% aqueous solution is incredibly effective, even at 0.1-1%, where the bio-fermentation is capable of holding up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture.

Sodium Hyaluronate products are applicable for all skin types and are particularly suited for those with dry or mature skin, those who are exposed to very dry climates and also for amid travelers.  For hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, superficial acne scarring, and other skin imperfections, micro-needling treatments or facial fillers have been used to help promote the production of collagen and elastin when hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin. This most commonly used type of dermal filler, by injecting hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin, helps to restore lost volume or any specific part of the face that needs a lift.

Low molecular weight is made up of much smaller molecules that can penetrate through the skin’s surface and increase skin softness and hydration for longer and at a deeper level. This is where it will exert its moisturizing action and contributes to the collagen and elastin production, fights free radicals that break down collagen and elastin, and is responsible for the skin visco-elasticity and hydration level of the tissues and the skin.  It also improves absorption and skin functioning within the skin’s deeper connective tissue and also helps to firm up and plump the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Further to this, it helps preventing skin from water loss, one of the first reason of aging and it works for a fresher and even brighter complexion.

In general, there are no negative reactions with Sodium Hyaluronate and it is safe for all skin types, but it is especially helpful for those with dry skin. However, those with rosacea or eczema may want to test patch to make sure it doesn’t irritate skin.

For a start with skin care products containing Sodium Hyaluronate, do apply once a day to test your skin reaction.  If your skin is benefiting from the additional hydration, you should apply it twice daily, both morning and night.


  • Moisturizes and revitalizes so that skin feels soft, plump and radiant
  • Replenishes cell moisture to keep skin hydrated,
  • Supports collagen production and improves skin elasticity especially around the eyes
  • Fills wrinkles from inside and changes the depth of wrinkles and crow feet
  • Increases moisture and better absorption into the skin
  • Helps regulate inflammatory response and promote skin renewal
  • Treats photo-damaged skin and prevent further damages from free radicals
  • Helps prevent collagen and elastin fibers from drying out and breaking down
  • Helps relieve skin irritation and inflammation for acne prone skin
  • Helps fight free radicals caused by the sun’s UV rays and pollution


  • Keeps hair healthy and moisturized
  • Prevents dry scalp and hair from thinning
  • Replenishes hair’s moisture loss due to age and environmental factors
  • Stimulates hair growth and promotes thicker hair
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates dehydrated, damaged and brittle strands.


Appearance       Viscous Liquid Solution
Odor                    Characteristic
Solubility            Water
Storage               Cool / Tightly Sealed / Protected from Light and Air
Shelf                    24 Months / Properly Handled and Stored


Usage             0.1 to 5.0%
Processing     Add to Water Phase or At Cool Down

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100ML, 500ML, 1 Liter


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