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Texture Plus – A Thickener for Green Herbology Liquid Soap Base (Shower Gel Base)


Texture Plus, a clear and natural liquid thickener specially designed for Green Herbology Liquid Soap Base (Shower Gel Base). This thickener works excellent to enhance the viscosity of our liquid soap base (shower gel base). Crafters can now formulate your own liquid soap (shower gel) blending various enriching elements such as water, hydrosols, milk or tea, essential oils, fragrance oils, and other active ingredients. Excessive dilution can cause the texture of liquid soap (shower gel) become watery. Adding in Texture Plus to increase the thickness and texture. Giving you a truly indulgent shower experience.




Acts as thickener for Green Herbology liquid soap base (shower gel base) to increase thickness and texture of liquid soap (shower gel). Provides viscosity to enhances excessive dilution of liquid soap (shower gel).


  • If you would like to have Richer Foaming

Shower Gel Base 100g  + 50g Water (Can be Water/ Hydrosols/ Milk, Tea or Aloe Vera Juice etc.) + 5~8g Texture Plus

  • If you would like to have Milder Foaming

Shower Gel Base 100g + 100g Water (Can be Water/ Hydrosols/ Milk, Tea or Aloe Vera Juice etc.) +15~18g Texture Plus

  • Add in Texture Plus at Last Step after your liquid soap (shower gel) mixed well ALL other ingredients.


Recommended Usage Level: 1% ~ 10%

Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Potassium lodate, Sodium Ferrocyanide

Appearance: Clear liquid

Solubility:  Soluble in water

Origin: Malaysia

Shelf Life: 12 months

Storage: Tightly Sealed/Protected from direct Heat, Light and Moisture

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