Corporate Gift – Bath Bomb (MOQ)

These premium bath bombs are ideal gifts for women, men, kids, and teenagers for just about any occasion. Whether you plan on giving this bath bomb set as a gift, rest assured that this box of bath bombs will be received well beyond your expectations.

A Bath Bomb provides an alternative to bath liquids or salts to soften the water and your skin. While its also scenting the bath and offering a myriad of colourful options to transform your water into a heavenly oasis of relaxation. Fizzing and foaming are part of the fun as they release essential oils, colours and additional ingredients to provide a sensory compliment to you bath time. Bath Bombs do magic!

Filling your bathroom with special treats for your nose and your bath water with oils and salts to soften any skin, bath bombs are a true wonder. Creating an ambience in which you can feel truly spoiled, lay back and relax into bath bomb heaven.

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