Sweet Fennel Massage Oil (Relieves Gas & Constipation, Eases PMS & Digestive Issues) – 250ML


Sweet Fennel oil serves as an essential tonic for promoting stomach issues and digestion. This oil is commonly used to treat gastrointestinal disturbances, indigestion, abdominal pain, IBS and it also balances gut microflora, promoting digestion, and eases stomach cramps, flatulence and digestive problems. Apart from keeping the stomach healthy and functioning properly, it protects the stomach from infections and ulcers, thus ensuring the all-around health and wellness of the stomach. Massaging it on the abdomen twice a day regulates the mobility of intestinal smooth muscles and for constipation sufferers, this is also very effective.

Our therapeutic massage oil is formulated to provide the perfect glide during massage and will leave skin feeling silky smooth and never greasy.

We have 2 series of Sweet Fennel Massage Oil blended from different base oil namely :-

  • Classic Oil – Mineral oil based
  • Premium Oil – Vegetable oil based
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One of the best Fennel oil benefits is its potential to treat menstrual cramps and helps regulate the menstrual cycle. The antispasmodic agents in the Fennel oil alleviate premenstrual syndrome, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.  Use this oil to massage on the painful areas and let the oil absorbs the compounds for several minutes.

✅  Brand : Green Herbology

✅   Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil

✅   Blended with mineral/vegetable oil. Can be applied directly to the skin.

✅   Massage : Warm, sweet and peppery scent of Sweet Fennel Massage oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, diuretic, antiseptic and antimicrobial. Effective to use as massage on areas of concern to relieve flatulence and constipation, ease PMS and digestive issues including IBS.

✅   The health promoting properties of essential oil encourages physical and mental relaxation, improves skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of cellulite when massaged on affected areas.

✅   Suitable for those who are sensitive to fragrance. Contains only pure Essential Oil.

✅   Hypoallergenic : Suitable for all skin types

✅   All our oils are : Chemical Preservatives FREE/Colorant FREE

✅   Shelf Life : 2 years

✅   Can be used as body and massage oil


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