Bergamot Massage Oil (Anti-Depression, Anti-Addictive, Uplifting Mood, Relieves Anxiety) – 250ML


Bergamot has positive benefits for your mental and emotional health. It helps fight feelings of anxiety, depression and insomnia by promoting the secretion of dopamine and serotonin hormones.  If you are depressed or feeling low, use Bergamot oil to help improve your mood as the characteristics of the oil with its fragrance make it a natural solution to achieving a happy disposition.  This benefit can be achieved by topical usage through massage or inhalation.

Bergamot oil can provide a healing solution if you suffer from muscle cramps or any type of painful spasmodic reactions. Because of the oil’s antispasmodic characteristics, it is also great for providing relief to people with headaches, asthma or with continuous coughs. Apply a couple of drops on the affected areas for an invigorating massage.

Our therapeutic massage oil is formulated to provide the perfect glide during massage and will leave skin feeling silky smooth and never greasy.

We have 2 series of Bergamot Massage Oil blended from different base oil namely :-

  • Classic Oil – Mineral oil based
  • Premium Oil – Vegetable oil based
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Bergamot oil helps increase serotonin levels which affects your mood in a positive way which is helpful when you are going through an addiction recovery process as you need to fight withdrawal symptoms and keeps calm throughout.

✅  Brand : Green Herbology

✅   Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil

✅   Blended with mineral/vegetable oil. Can be applied directly to the skin.

✅   Massage : Calming, refreshing and uplifting characteristic of Bergamot oil helps to improve mental and emotional health and anti-depression and anti-addictive

✅   It boosts circulation, metabolism and digestive function. For skincare, it reduces cellulite and helps tighten and tone skin

✅   The health promoting properties of essential oil encourages physical and mental relaxation, improves skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of cellulite when massaged on affected areas.

✅   Suitable for those who are sensitive to fragrance. Contains only pure Essential Oil.

✅   Hypoallergenic : Suitable for all skin types

✅   All our oils are : Chemical Preservatives FREE/Colorant FREE

✅   Shelf Life : 2 years

✅   Can be used as body and massage oil


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