Pure Rose Essential Oil for tighten skin, prevents wrinkles, fades scar

Rose Essential Oil 5%

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Rose Essential Oil is a powerful skin care element with its moisture retention and potent antioxidant properties. It provides the skin with deep hydration, rapidly reduce redness, fades blemishes and scars, brighten and tighten skin effectively. The Rose essential oil is especially beneficial for maturing skin, especially during times of hormonal change. Our Rose essential oil has also been uses in making perfumes, aromatherapy, natural products such as handmade soap, scrubs, candles and etc.

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Product Description

Key Features For Skin:

  • Balances moisture level of skin
  • Prevents wrinkles
  • Toning and tighten skin
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Fades scar and blemishes quickly
  • Clear up acne
  • Stops and heals skin infection
  • Anti inflammatory and soothing

Key Features For Hair:

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Strengthen the hair

Key Features For Others:

  • Get rid of unpleasant odors

Additional Information

Size EO

10ML, 30ML, 50ML


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