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White Musk Essential Oil


White Musk, also referred to as the Arabian musk oil, is made from the White Musk plant. It has a sweet and musky smell which is commonly used in perfumes. White Musk oil also offers sensual and floral scent, therefore making it great to use when more of a feminine aroma is needed.  Its versatile fragrance can be used for any occasion and is perfect for every moment.

White Musk has calming and soothing properties and is suitable for aromatherapy to help relieve stress and anxiety.  Its anti-inflammatory effect is helpful for easing body pains and discomfort including rheumatism, stomach cramps and other body pains.

Our White Musk essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy for diffuser or in your bath, hair/skin care, massage oils, home scents, bath bombs fragrance, perfumes,  DIY scented candles/soap and more.

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  • Used for meditation to help bring mental clarity and allow deep concentration and feel more relaxed.
  • Antihistamine effect –  White musk oil with its anti-inflammatory activity which makes it great for stuffy nose and colds.
  • Good for Sleep – The calming scents is good enough to rid you of any negative feeling, thus helping you to sleep better and longer.


  • By creating a nicely scented massage oil simply add a few drops White Musk oil to 1 tablespoon of Sweet Almond oil  which will stimulate instant relaxation and massage away all your discomfort and muscle pains.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties can easily relieve rheumatism pain. Rub a generous amount of diluted White Musk essential oil evenly over your painful body will surely relieve your rheumatism discomfort.


  • Candle making  – White musk aroma fills the room with a welcoming, long lasting fragrance, making it more relaxing and joyful.
  • Soap making – For a relaxing bath scent, White Musk oil is an excellent ingredient to produce a strong and comforting aroma.
  • Add to your bath – A few drops in a hot water bath helps relax and rejuvenate.
  • Perfume ingredient – This oil makes a perfect perfume ingredient due to its longevity and fragrance. It has a distinct fragrance that gives off a natural scent and can be used as a powerful deodorant to cover up unwanted smell  from sweat or body odor.
  • Skincare/Hair care products – An excellent ingredient for shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers,  lotions and creams as its scent can last for hours, leaving you with moisturized and nice-smelling skin and hair.


It is always safer to dilute essential oil before applying directly to skin to avoid allergic reaction.

  • Diffuser – Add 4-6 drops per 100ml of water
  • Skincare – 2-4 drops to 10ml of carrier oil/lotion/cream
  • Body massage – 5-8 drops to 10ml of carrier oil


    • Botanical Name: Abelmoschus moschatus
    • CAS: 104-55-2
    • Composition: 100% Pure White Musk Essential Oil
    • Origin: England
    • Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
    • Plant Part: Flowers
    • Color: Orange
    • Consistency: Thin


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