Benefits of activated charcoal powder

Activated charcoal is a natural compound with millions of pores in its body. It is massively used to remove the toxins from the human body by trapping them in its pores. The medicinal property of this particular compound is extremely popular in healthcare sectors as well as in skincare and beauty products. Usually, charcoals used in healthcare are collected from natural sources such as- coconut shells.

Many people think that charcoals work by absorbing the toxins but in reality, the removal process of charcoal does not involve absorption. It involves the binding of two opposite electrical charges- preferably the binding of negatively charged charcoal with positively charged toxic compounds or gases and excreting the whole bonded compound out of the body. Among the various properties of activated charcoals, top 13 beneficiary properties have jotted down especially for you!

In Skincare and Beauty Products:

  1. Treating Body Odor and Acne: If you use activated charcoal regularly under your arms, then you can hope to reduce the pungent body odor. You can take two spoons of aloe vera gel and mix it with one capsule of activated charcoal. Then you can apply this smooth mixture under your arm and wait for it to dry on its own and rinse off. You can use this exact same mixture on your face to treat acne.
  2. Removing Dirt and Exfoliating Skin Surface: If you suffer from black heads, oily skins, bacterial infections and spots on your skin surface, then you can consider using the activated charcoal mask on your face. This mask provides anti-bacterial treatment and exfoliates the skin by removing dirt, oils and other toxins from the skin surface.
  3. Preventing Premature Aging of Skin: In regular activities, our skins are exposed to a lot of environmental toxins and dirt which we cannot avoid all the time. These toxins play a great role in making our skins prone to premature aging. If we can intake two capsules of activated charcoals after every meal containing heavy metals, fatty foods and highly carbonated food, then we will be able to control the problem regarding premature aging of skin.
  4. Increasing the Whiteness of Teeth: Coffee and tea lovers mostly have complains with their stained teeth and tea/coffee stains are hard to remove but embarrassing enough in front of others. In these cases, charcoal containing toothpastes can be highly beneficial in removing and preventing the discoloration and staining of teeth. Charcoals possess the property to re-mineralize teeth which renders as highly helpful for coffee, tea and carbonate drink lovers.
  5. Treating Insect Bites and Rashes: Some of us suffer from highly sensitive skins where even a little exposure of skin to insects cause irritation and end up in rashes. In these cases, activated charcoal can be topically administered like ointments and spread on to the affected area for the removal of bacteria, toxins and germs. It will reduce irritation and also provide with a smooth feeling.
  6. Preparing Organic Makeup: Beauty Sponges are available now enriched with activated charcoals. This sponge will reduce your extra cost of buying a cleanser as the sponge itself will work as a cleanser and an exfoliator on the skin because of possessing activated charcoal in it.

Eye-liner and eye-shadow can be easily made from activated charcoal as well. You can use charcoal powder for the preparation. For eye shadow, preserving the charcoal powder in a tightly capped jar would be fine. Before using it, you can just remove the cap and use a brush to spread the powder over your eyes. For eye-liners, you can mix water with the powder and use a thin brush to add it as a line over your eyelids.

In Healthcare and Cleanliness:

  1. Treating Toxin and Poison: In most cases, to excrete toxins and poisons from the body, activated charcoal is used. Almost all the hospitals all around the world use large doses of activated charcoals in order to remove toxins from the gastro-intestinal tract of the body.
  2. Treating Hypertension and Heart Disease: If any person is suffering from hypertension and heart disease due to the maximum rise of high cholesterol, then doctors often prescribe patients with activated charcoals because studies have shown to reduce the total amount of cholesterol from the body after using activated charcoals.
  3. Treating Virus and Parasites in the GIT: If you have a sensitive gastro-intestinal tract, then there is possibility of the invasion of virus, parasites and toxins. You can intake optimum amounts of activated charcoal because charcoals have anti-bacterial properties which help to reduce toxins from the body. But, ingestion of activated charcoals should be done with the proper advice of a doctor or a physician.
  4. In Treating Mold: Sometimes, corners of houses and rooms are affected with the growth of mold. This mold can be harmful for a resident’s health. Molds are responsible for heart disease, eye irritation, vomiting, headache, depression, reduced brain function and kidney, liver failure. You can use activated charcoals as an anti-toxin to treat molds in different corners of the house.
Activated Charcoal To Apply On Face
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