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Handmade, natural and homemade soaps are all terms that have gained much popularity in recent years. Probably one of the primary reasons that handmade and natural soaps are in high-demand is because they are regarded as ‘true soaps’ and not detergents !

In fact, businesses have started looking at this as quality corporate gift such as:-

  • Hotels and resorts indulging their guests with these as a welcome gift.
  • Beauty salons giving away to their clients as free gifts for certain amount of purchases.
  • Large Corporations and Organizations tailor make these asgifts f or their staff and clients.
  • People celebrating life events including weddings, anniversaries and birthdays using these as door gifts.

This is surely an indicative of the ever-growing demand for handmade and natural soaps !

Green Herbology Melt and Pour Soap Bases

At Green Herbology, we have 4 types of melt and pour soap base:

  • The standard Transparent and Opaque:- both made from vegetable oils with superior moisturizing effect from the added glycerine with excellent foaming.
  • The SLS, SLES and Paraben free Transparent and Opaque:- both made from vegetable oils with superior moisturizing effect from the added glycerine with surfactant Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free.

Green Herbology’s Soap Bases Product Features & Usage:

Transparent Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap BaseAll vegetable based.
Excellent foaming
High glycerincotent
Highly transparent; enable to craft bright color soap bar
Neutral odour
Can be used to manufacture transparent and clear soap bar
Opaque Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap BaseAll vegetable based.
Excellent foaming
High glycerincotent
Added titanium dioxide (natural mineral) to opacifier the soap; enable to craft a light color of a pastel hue soap bar
Neutral odour
Can be used to manufacture opaque and white soap bar
SLS, SLES and Paraben Free Transparent Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap BaseAll vegetable based.
SLS, SLES and paraben Free
High glycerincotent
Highly transparent; enable to craft bright color soap bar
Neutral odour
Can be used to manufacture transparent and clear, mild cleanse soap bar
SLS, SLES and Paraben Free Opaque Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap BaseAll vegetable based.
SLS, SLES and paraben Free
High glycerincotent
Added titanium dioxide (natural mineral) to opacifier the soap; enable to craft a light color of a pastel hue soap bar
Neutral odour
Can be used to manufacture opaque and white, mild cleanse soap bar
transparent glycerin soap base with moisturizing effect
opaque glycerin soap base added glycerine for moisturize

What is Melt and Pour Soap Base

Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Base is made from all vegetable oil with superior moisturizing effect from the added glycerine.  It contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals which will damage and cause dryness to your skin. Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base offers high moisturizing effect and provides gentle all over cleansing for face, hands and body.

Glycerin has a wide variety of everyday use in household, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. In the global personal care industry, glycerin continues to be a popular ingredient due to its moisturizing properties for skincare and hair care as it cleanses without stripping the delicate natural pH balance necessary for soft and healthy skin.  Glycerin helps moisturize and hydrate your skin.  The much sought after quality of glycerin soaps is their effectiveness and suitability for different kinds of skin and by helping to keep skin healthy and moisturized. Due to this quality, glycerin soaps provide needed hydration and moisturization for the skin – helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Apart from keeping skin feeling clean and hydrated for several hours after washing, glycerin soap can also help skin become smoother and suppler. Together as a great body and face cleanser providing all these good benefits, it is also compatible with wide range of fragrance and emollients.

The cold process or a traditional method of soap-making is done by combining oils and lye. This causes a chemical reaction called saponification. The benefit of melt and pour soap is that the soap base has already gone through that process, meaning you do not have to handle lye and there is no necessity to cure the soap and it will be ready to use as soon as it is cooled and hardened.  Therefore, this soapmaking method is easier, more feasible and family-friendly.

Melt & Pour Soap Bases are considered pre-made soaps that are waiting for customization. Customization includes adding your own custom colours, scents and other additives such as essential oil, vitamin powders, vitamin or fragrance oils or dried flowers (fresh plants are most likely to change colour in the soap).

Why choose Green Herbology Soap Bases? 

We are indeed honoured that our regular and new customers commended our soap bases are good quality, easy to melt, and stable! When they think of soap base in Malaysia, Green Herbology, manufacturer of soap base, is their first choice!

Furthermore, our SLS and SLES FREE series of soap bases are designed for customers who are looking for mild soap for daily use.  With our SLS and SLES Free series of soap bases you are convinced that your skin is fully protected because of the natural ingredients.

We as the manufacturer of soap base in Malaysia; producing quality melt and pour soap base, having the capability to support any bulky requirements at lower cost. Let us be your strategy partner if you are making with the intention of manufacturing your own soaps.

We supply soap base to:-

  • Handmade Soap Crafter – We have sizes from 1kg, 5kg and 20kg. You can purchase from our Green Herbology website, Shopee or Lazada. Or simply call us at 016 2899616 to place your order. Home delivery is available at Green Herbology.
  • Soap Bar Manufacturer – We are able to support from metric tons to FCL, CIF or FOB to global.
  • OEM – We have OEM services. Send us your inquiry to own your brand of soap base now!

What is Green Herbology Melt & Pour Soap Bases made from?

The main ingredients of our soap base are Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerin and Sodium Hydroxide.

Odourless and alcohol-free content in our soap bases makes it ideal for personal care and toiletries cleansing products.  We promise that you will experience the rich dense lather and pleasant skin feel after rinse. Most importantly, our soap bases also contain rich naturally derived glycerine from the saponification process.

Just to reiterate, Green Herbology Soap Bases contain :-

  • Excellent foaming ability
  • Good cleansing power and rinsability
  • Superior moisturizing skin effects
  • Luxurious lathering and eliminate dryness
  • Contain non animal derived ingredients
  • 100% biodegradable

Benefits of melt and pour soap making

  • A relatively easy method and even kids friendly.  As the name speaks for itself; just melt and pour.
  • Its versatility makes it popular with beginners and experienced crafters, they present abundant creative options, and they are safer alternative to cold process soap since no lye is involved.
  • You do not have to spend on soap making equipment.  The tools required are ever ready and available at your kitchen desk.
  • Soap that you make yourself is much safer than the types you buy from stores, because you know for certain what goes into it.  Homemade soap is more natural as you add natural oils, which have a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • Saves money- Buying soaps from shops are expensive nowadays as we believe that branded products associate with quality.  But making it at home with natural ingredients is not only cost effective but we are convinced that our product is of superb quality.
  • Pleasurable pastime.  You can turn this into a fun and creative hobby and enjoy it with your friends and family.  Once you are good, you can even conduct classes and share thoughts with them.  
  • Profitable business.  Raw materials in handmade soap is very minimal but due to the natural ingredients involved, you can set your own selling price and receive good profits.  Profits are doubling when your process go for larger scale.


We have a simple step-by-step method to guide you through until you have achieved your final product. 

Assemble all of your ingredients, materials, and equipment. If possible, try to have a notebook handy just to jot down any notes or changes you make to the recipe or any modification you find that is an improvement.

Ingredients and Materials

Before you start, always make sure that all your tools are clean and free of dirt. The soap will pick it up and it will be difficult to get it out.

1       CUTTING

Place a ceramic or microwavable bowl onto the scale and zeroized the weight. Cut the melt and pour soap base into small chunks and place them into the bowl until you have got the required amount.


Melt the Soap Base in the Microwave or double boiler.  Cover the container with a clean cloth as this will help keep the soap base from drying out during the process of heating. The double boiler method is handy if you are making large batches of soap. Both methods are equally effective.

Heat the soap in the microwave, starting with just a minute at a time. Remove the soap and stir it. At this point, it will be thick and chunky. Repeat heating the soap base a minute or so at a time until all the chunks have disappeared, and the soap is completely melted.

Note: Be careful when you get the bowl out of the microwave as it will likely be quite hot!   Most soap bases will be about 150 degrees when completely melted. The duration of the melting process may differ.

3     ADDING

While the soap is heating, put your measuring cup onto the scale and zerorised the weight. As a general rule of thumb, your liquid ingredients such as honey, fragrance, extract or essential oil, should NOT be more than 10% of the total weight of your soap base.  If your soap base is 1kg, your liquid ingredient must not be more than 100ml.  Any more than that can affect the lather and the texture of your finished product. 

Note :  The amount of essential oil to use varies based on the oil.  Stronger scent type of essential oil will obviously smell a lot stronger in a bar of finished soap. This is the fun part where creativity comes in with mixing and matching the essential oils to create your very own fragrance blend!

Once you have measured your liquid ingredients, remove the soap from the microwave. It is good to check the temperature of your soap and make sure it is between 140-150º F. Add your premeasured liquid ingredients to the soap base and stir well.


 If you want to add colours to your soap, make sure you use soap/skin-safe dyes, micas or natural colorants. Green Herbology’s micas are 100% safe for use on skin. 

After adding in the colour, gently stir the melted soap to completely incorporate all the ingredients together with the colour. Do not stir too hard or you will get bubbles in the soap.  Even if you do get bubbles, a light spritz of Green Herbology Ethanol alcohol from a spray bottle will get rid of them.

The easiest way to mix mica powder is to dissolve it in a small amount of alcohol or water before adding the mixture to the soap base. Doing this separately will smooth out any clumps.

5.     POURING

Next you can slowly pour the soap into the mold.  Pour slowly to minimize bubbles. Fill to the rim of the mold. Quickly spray the surface with rubbing alcohol to break up any bubbles that may have formed on the surface. It is fine to spray several times to eliminate as many bubbles as possible, however over spraying will cause the soap to foam. Carefully move the mold to a safe place and let it dry. 


Well, you are done !  After about 30 – 60 minutes, depending on volume, your soap will have set enough to move it around. Do not try to take it out of the mold yet, it needs to be completely cool. This can take several hours at room temperature.

The duration of the soap to set depends on the size of the mold you are using. For example, a 3×4 inch cavity mold would not need to cool as long as a 12×12 inch loaf mold. For smaller molds, six hours is recommended. Loaf molds, however, need to set longer, for about 12-24 hours, ideally leave it overnight !

In addition, once the soap has set for about an hour, you may carefully transfer the soap to the refrigerator to help speed up the process.

When the soap is completely hardened, you should be able to pop the bars out of the mold. Most of the molds will release easily.  For a persistent bar soap mold, you can turn the mold over and run hot water over the back of it and the soap should fall off easily.  You can trim off any imperfections with a sharp small knife.

Once the melt and pour soap is done, there is no waiting time. You can use your soap right away.  Enjoy your bathing time with your handmade soap!

7.      CUTTING

If your soap needs cutting, do it the next day and choose a knife that is not too thick when cutting. Green Herbology has 2 types of knife for this purpose, the Wavy Stainless Steel Soap Cutter with Wooden Handle and the Straight Stainless Steel Soap Cutter with Wooden Handle. 

In order to get even strokes, mark your soap on both sides then slide the knife down between them. That will ensure even bars.


The best and most popular wrapping for finished Melt and Pour soap products is the non-porous material, such as plastic wrap, cling wrap or shrink wrap but of course you can always customize your own wrapper such as nice gift boxes, gift wrappers, etc

Spare some moment to ponder

While awaiting the soap to harden, write down your results in your notebook. How much of liquid ingredients that you have used ?  Especially the essential oil, how many drops that you put in this time? Is it sufficient?  Did you have any soap base left over?  Did the fragrance seem strong enough?

These notes are important lessons to learn and will help you duplicate the results next time, or remember not to repeat mistakes you have made this time.

What to do with the defects if any ?

Re-melting is possible as Green Herbology melt and pour soaps can be re-melted and re-poured multiple times.  The strong characteristics of our soap bases are excellent for processing by melting and molding as many times as you need and still remain the spotless appearance and guarantee freshness and attractive.

Breast Milk Soap

There have been numerous requests on an easy DIY recipe to make breast milk soap using melt and pour soap base.  The benefits of breast milk go well beyond nutrition, and countless studies show that it is an effective treatment for topical skin issues such as infant eczema.  Adults are also trying it too.

You can follow the above recipe using opaque soap base except for the liquid ingredient this time around as you are using breast milk, the total liquid weight is still NOT more than 10% of your soap base.  It is recommended NOT to add in fragrances or essential oils for this soap.  Stir until it is well mixed, and pour the liquid into any shape of containers that you wish.  Put the cups/containers into your fridge and wait for a couple hours, and that’s it! You will have beautiful breast milk soaps that you can store and use.


There are lots of options for fun designs with melt and pour soap.  You can do layers, swirls, float soap embeds, you can include additives like clays, powders, honey, shreds or dried flowers, you can even embed little plastic toys!  Start with the basic and get yourself familiarise during your journey of soap making.  In no time, you will be soap making like a PRO!

Happy Soap Making !

Melt and pour soap making is fun, inexpensive and a rewarding activity because apart from the opportunity of creating beautiful and unique gifts, you can even showcase them or sell them, use it as a fundraising item or with the intention of selling it to your friends, relatives or even start your own brand and sell it online. 

Start by exploring soap making as a new hobby can seem intimidating and one of the most frequently asked questions we get here is “where do I begin” and “how to get help”? 

If you are interested in soap making, but no idea where to get the soap base from? Planning to start a soap selling business, but your sources are limited and expensive? No worries. Green Herbology is here to help you.  Do contact us at 016 2899616 during office hours or simply visit our website to understand more of our products.  You may even visit our shop at No. 21, Jalan Utama 1/2, Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.  All our products are exhibited on display shelves for your viewing.  Nothing beats seeing the products live and we are ever ready to assist you.

Green Herbology’s soap bases allow you to create any types of soap you want. Simply start with a melt and pour base that already has the primary ingredients and aesthetic you are looking for, and customize it with desired scents, colour and additives. The possibilities are endless.

                 HAPPY SOAPING


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