Alpha Arbutin Powder- For Cosmetic Use (Skin Brightening/Lightening/ Whitening)


Alpha Arbutin is one of the most efficient skin brighteners, a superstar ingredient and naturally safe and widely accepted product to be used for skincare or cosmetic application. It is extracted from bearberry, blueberry and cranberry plants which help to fade scars and pigmentation.

Arbutin is effective at fading dark spots, age spots, scars and also helps to even out skin tone and reduce overall redness.  Its sun protection properties help to block tyrosinase production during and after sun exposure. This makes it an effective solution for skin problems concerning pigmentation, dark spots and melanin overproduction.

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Arbutin is one of the safest lightening agents today and is commonly paired with skin brighteners like Kojic Acid or Vitamin C to achieve a greater effect for treatment of pigmentation. It works well for all skin types, even for sensitive skin, therefore you incorporate the usage of this ingredient with your daily skin care products.

Alpha Arbutin Powder For Cosmetic Use


  • Diminishing age spots, acne scars, freckles, skin discoloration, uneven skin tone
  • Sun protection properties
  • Treats and prevents pigmentation
  • Promotes skin lightening and balance skin tone
  • Gentle on skin and safe to use for all skin types
  • Reduces skin darkening after UV exposure by inhibition of tyrosinase
  • Skin becomes clear, brighten and radiant


All types of skin-lightening products including sunscreen, lotions, creams, serums, moisturizers, skincare and makeup products.


  • 1.   Usage level:  0.5% to 2%
    2.   Alpha Arbutin is safe for topical use in concentrations of up to 2% in skincare products. Do not use longer than 3 months at a time.
    3.   Always do a patch test!
  • Appearance : White to off-white powder, Crystalline
  • Solubility : Soluble in Water, stable in the pH range from 3.5-6.5
  • INCI : Alpha-Arbutin
  • CAS  : 84380- 01-8
  • Storage : To protect from light and humidity in a clean place at  room temperature. Once open, handle with care to avoid secondary microbial contamination

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